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Environmental Policy

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At Saxonia Guest House we have all made an environmental commitment; to reduce the impact our day-to-day activities have on the environment. Listed below are our objectives and the measures we take in reducing our environmental impact

• To reduce our consumption of gas most of our hot water is heated through solar panels. We on average use 150 hours of solar energy per month.

• To reduce our consumption of electricity most of our light bulbs are low energy and low wattage and we always make sure to turn any unneeded lights off.

• We recycle all paper, glass, aluminium and cardboard by using the local councils weekly collection schemes.

• We have also adopted a dolphin through the WWF.

• Where possible to ensure that suppliers understand our environmental policy, and encourage them in developing responsible behaviour with regard to the environment.

• To regularly assess processes and achievement in environmental practices.

During your stay with us we ask you to help us in a few simple ways: -

• In your room you will find a green bin marked “recycling” in this we ask you to put any newspapers/magazines, glass bottles, cardboard and drinks cans

• Please switch off the lights when you leave the room

• Please note our towel policy, if you require your towels to be changed please place them in the shower. Any towels left on rails will not be changed.

• Use of our Wi-Fi hotspot is free but a donation in the RNLI collection box, to be found in the hallway, is greatly appreciated

• Please use public transport as much as possible during your stay bus and train timetables, cycle route information and cycle hire information is available on request. We also have a cycle rack.

• We would like to ask all guests to please turn off all taps in your room at night and when you leave

If you have any ideas or comments about our environmental practice please do not hesitate to approach us with them!